High Availability through System Redundancy

In today's marketplace, if your business systems are your revenue then mission critical services must be available 24/7.

IT infrastructure is and integral part of an organisation. When IT services for an organisation fail, it is often not just a small snag, but a corporate catastrophe for its operations. Business processes halt, customers are left stranded, suppliers are unable to know what is required to be delivered, the organisation can struggle to pay its employees what they are owed, and communication and collaboration are often severely impaired.

"redundancy is the duplication of critical components or functions of a system with the intention of increasing reliability of the system" (source Wikipedia) Frequently, system redundancy is achieved through the duplication of physical as well as virtual devices. By virtualizing the servers on which services run, the physical duplication can be kept to a minimum leveraging maximum return on investment on hardware.

Physical servers, either in the data centre or at geograpically discrete locations share their data in realtime, typically through clustering. This means an exact copy of your data is always available on all 'nodes' of the cluster, the primary node delivers service(s) while secondary node(s) are waiting to take over should the primary node fail.

Specializing in Open Source technologies as well as commercial offerings, Warmland System Solutions offers you a wide choice of technologies giving you access to the best fit for your specific needs.

Technologies Available